About Campus Challenge

Campus Challenge is a national arts competition sponsored by The Wesleyan Church. Participants compete in various categories of art, music and drama, either solo or with a group of students from the same Wesleyan church.

Scholarships earned through Campus Challenge can be used at any of the five Wesleyan colleges. Click on the links below to explore the different colleges and universities:

Houghton College  (Houghton, NY)
Indiana Wesleyan University  (Marion, IN)
Kingswood University   (Sussex, New Brunswick)
Oklahoma Wesleyan University  (Bartlesville, OK)
Southern Wesleyan University  (Central, SC)

Be sure to check out the Categories and Rules, and  Frequently Asked Questions. And, you can visit the Competitions page to find out which college you will compete at and the date of that college’s competition.