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Category: Photography

Score Sheet


  • Defined as any completed photographic work of art that is consistent with generally accepted Christian principles, and is an outgrowth of the artist’s Christian faith.
  • The project can be black and white, color, or special effect (such as sepia, etc.).
  • Participant must be present at the time of judging.
  • Participant should be prepared to answer questions relating to inspiration, process, personal meaning, etc.
  • You must submit a Fine Arts Idea Statement with your entry. This statement must accompany the entry or there will be a two point deduction.

Competition Day Checklist

  • Is my name displayed on or near the work?
  • Have I completed a Fine Arts Idea Statement and attached it to the project?
  • Am I dressed in a way that is appropriate for a scholarship competition? For more info on this, see General Rules – Attire