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Category: Vocal Ensemble and Choir

Score Sheet


  • You must not exceed the number of participants allowed in each category:
    • Small Ensemble – 2 to 8 participants
    • Large Ensemble – 9 to 16 participants
    • Choir – 17 or more participants
  • The lyrics of your song must be Christian in content.
  • Your song and any spoken introduction must not exceed five minutes in length. Two points will be subtracted from your score if you exceed this limit.
  • Your song must be memorized.
  • Before your performance, you must submit to the judges the original music/manuscript of the arrangement along with 4 photocopies. Failure to submit photocopies will result in an automatic disqualification. Your photocopies will not be returned and will be destroyed at the completion of the competition. (Copyright laws prohibit the use of photocopies in performance, including by the accompanist. If a photocopy is being used in the performance, the performer will be disqualified.) Downloaded music is acceptable provided a copy of the purchase receipt is attached.
  • If you are using an accompaniment track, you must perform with the original track. If a track was downloaded from the internet, proof of purchase must accompany the track.

Competition Day Checklist

  • Do we have our accompaniment track?
  • Do we have our original music/manuscript?
  • Do we have 4 photocopies of the music/manuscript?
  • Are we dressed in a way that is appropriate for a scholarship competition? For more info on this, see General Rules – Attire