Director Guidelines


Scores will be determined by the following guidelines: If there are four judges, the lowest score is eliminated. If there are five judges, the highest and lowest scores will be eliminated. The three remaining scores are averaged to determine the final score. Carry the score to two decimal places (i.e. .00, .33, and .66). Scores DO NOT round up.


  • SUPERIOR (92-100) – This represents an outstanding, distinctive level of performance for the event and the class of participants being judged.
  • EXCELLENT (85-91.66) – This represents an excellent performance in many respects, but is not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects in performance. It is a performance of high quality.
  • GOOD (80-84.66) – This represents a good performance, but is not excellent. It is a performance showing accomplishment and marked promise, but lacking in one or more essential qualities.
  • FAIR (70-79.66) – This represents a fair performance, showing need of improvement in more than one Area.


  • Each category should have five qualified judges, but shall have no fewer than three. Judges may judge in as many categories as needed.
  • A judge must excuse him/herself from judging ANY entry in a category where his/her student is a participant or where there is a participant from his/her local church UNLESS THERE ARE FIVE JUDGES. A judge MUST excuse himself/herself from judging ANY entry in a category where a participant is a relative of the judge.
  • A judge must be at least 21 years of age or a college senior.
  • The judges should be seated at judges’ tables in specified areas suitable for best observation.
  • Judges are not permitted to leave their stations during a competition.
  • The judges may not consult one another during a category of the contest. However, judges may confer between categories.
  • Judges’ scoring decisions are FINAL!


The Campus Challenge Directors shall:

  • Announce registration deadlines and make forms available.
  • Secure qualified judges for the competition date
  • Schedule the participants and categories prior to the competition.
  • Make the Campus Challenge schedule available for all participants at the competition.
  • See that a well-tuned piano and sound system are available.
  • Explain the scoring system to the participants.
  • Designate an emcee to call each participant (can be a judge).
  • Meet with the judges at a designated time prior to the competition and review the standards of judging and competition rules.
  • Give the official scoring sheets to the participants at the close of the Campus
  • Challenge competition award ceremony.
  • Directors will report scholarship awards to the Managing Director of Campus Challenge.