Frequently Asked Questions

It is YOUR responsibility to carefully read all of the information
 given to you through the web site. But to clear up any confusion, 
here is a list of questions we get asked quite a bit:

Q. Can I compete once I’m in college?

A. You may compete the summer/fall following your senior year in high school. You may not compete past the fall of your first year of college.

Q. If I live in one area, but go to college in another, can I compete at that college?

A. Yes you can.

Q. My friend at another church and I want to enter as a group. Can we?

A. You can as long as the group size is 8 or less. For groups larger than 8 all members must be from the same church.

Q. The rules say I need copies of my entry for the judges. Can I make copies at the competition?

A. There may not be provision for copies at the competition. You should always come prepared.

Q. What if I can’t find the original music for the piece I want to perform?

A. You will be marked down if you do not have the original music, so you should choose a different piece.

Q. What if I really want to perform that piece?

A. Then hopefully you will find fulfillment in performing it, because you won’t be going home with a scholarship unless you provide the original music.

Q. What exactly qualifies as the original music?

A. Original music is music that is published by a company and is arranged the same way you are playing or singing it. You must bring the original book or sheet music; photocopies and handwritten music will NOT suffice. You should call your local bookstore and they can help you locate the original music, or you can search online.

Q. Can I use the music provided on the CD/cassette jacket for my original music?

A. That depends. Some track companies print the musical score right inside the jacket; if the vocal line you are singing is printed, you can consider it original music. Lyrics alone are NOT original music.


If you have more questions and you can’t find the answers from the information we’ve provided, contact us!