Scholarship Information

Every year over 70% of the entries in Campus Challenge earn scholarships averaging over $600. That means if you enter and qualify in 5 categories (as many do) you could earn over $3000 in just one year.

Scholarships can be earned in many categories including vocal performance, keyboard, instrumental, performing arts, literature composition, art, and speech. Many categories include group as well as solo entries. You can enter as many categories as you like, but only one entry per category each year.

Scholarships are awarded on three levels:  

Junior Level (ages 12 – 15)
All superiors $ 300

Senior Level (ages 16 – 19)
1st place, superior rating: $1,000
2nd place, superior rating: $800
3rd place, superior rating: $700
All other superior ratings: $600

Combined (ages 12-19)
Groups of 2-8 members, superior rating: $200 per member
Groups of 9 or more members, superior rating: $100 per member

The Judges will rate the performances on the following scale:

SUPERIOR (45-50) – This represents an outstanding, distinctive level of performance for the event and the class of participants being judged.
EXCELLENT (40-44) – This represents an excellent performance in many respects, but is not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects in performance. It is a performance of high quality.
GOOD (35-39) – This represents a good performance, but is not excellent. It is a performance showing accomplishment and marked promise, but lacking in one or more essential qualities.
FAIR (30-34) – This represents a fair performance, showing need of improvement in more than one area.

Scholarships are awarded to superior ratings of 45 and above. Each scholarship recipient may benefit from the total amount won in multiple scholarships up to but not exceeding an amount equal to one year’s tuition at the school attended. One-eighth (1/8) of the total scholarships awarded may be applied in each semester attended. Individual colleges may also have regulations limiting the total grants a student may receive to an amount not to exceed the direct costs for the year. Contact the institution for further information.

Campus Challenge Scholarship Reports

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